Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that helps us balance all our “yang” practices like vinyasa, ashtanga or other dynamic practices like running, cycling, surfing, etc.. and of course our every day western type of flowing lives..While our dynamic yang practices aim more on our muscles, yin yoga targets more our connective tissues, meaning the tissues that connect our bones to bones, bones to muscles. These tissues are known as carrying the energy channels (meridians) in our body.

The practice is done more in a passive way, on the floor, by getting into a posture, finding the personal edge and staying there for a while (3 to 10 minutes, sometimes even 20 minutes!).
Yin yoga focuses more on the mental and nervous system, helps to calm the mind and the body, increases stamina and mobility in the joints; prepares the body for a better yang practice and meditation.
Although at the beginning it is seems a bit challenging and hard to stay in one posture without moving, after a a while, the body and mind gets used to it and learns to surrender with the help of the breath and the body’s own weight