Time Table

During the pregnancy period we experience lots of mental and physiological changes. The body is in constant chance, as the fetus grows the center of our body changes. As a result of these changes new needs arise to suppose the body within those 9 months of pregnancy that holds many physical and mental phenomenon.

In the class we allow our body to receive the support it needs by using various elements such as walls, blocks, belts, bolsters and of course plenty of movement. Within the yoga practice we also take care of some less pleasant phenomenon occurring during the pregnancy such as lower back pains, sore feet and legs, burden on the pelvic floor and more.

The practice is first and foremost preventive and provides tools to cope with various feelings and experiences.

During the class we prepare our body and soul to the due date. The more we practice asanas that can help us during the birth the easier it will be for our body to “remember” them and use the toolbox yoga offers us during the actual birth.

The classes are set specifically for prenatal and as such even if you never practiced yoga before you are welcomed to join and participate. During this magical period women experience a deep inner contemplation that is accompanied with an exceptional inner attention and invites you for a real and honest self exploration.

We invite you to experience this period with us and with Rita.

Every Wednesday 16:20-17:30