Yoga, the union within the diversity, the meaning behind the meaning, the unity between being and consciousnesses.
There are many ways and various methods to go through the process and walk the path of conscious being. Yoga is so vast and as such it would be impossible to cover all the different approaches.
We decided to concentrate on a few specific methods and approached so that together with you we’ll be able to explore and deepen the understanding through those methods and find peaceful and quite moments of unity

The modern world floods us with such a vast variety and options to choose from in any given moment of our life up to a point where even the smallest decision has to be thought about and considered. As such we decided it would be better to offer a smaller variaty to allow an easier decision with less contemplation and confusion.

We greatly cherish, respect and admire the various yoga practices and yet decided to focus in the studio at a specific set of approaches. We practice at the studio Hatha yoga, and more specifically Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Vijinna