Yael Weisbach

Time Table

Yoga teacher for six years, practicing meditation and yoga for fourteen years, an obsessive reader of yogic andBuddhist philosophy , writes at Elephant Journal magazine and am at a constant journey through the heart.  My purpose in life is to become a better person every day and make the world better. The greatest challenge in my life is to be a little less serious. I’m working on it 😉

I was first trained to be a yoga teacher by Eyal Chechanovski, I’ve also participated at the teacher training course by Richard Freeman in Colorado USA, and many courses with Maty Ezraty in Tel Aviv, Goa, California, San Francisco and New York, where I was honoured to be an assistant of Maty.

Today I teach mainly in “Maty Ezraty style”. This “method” is based on the Ashtanga series with emphasis on accuracy and working on postures beneficial to the body. This “method” challenges us to work in places where we tend to take short cuts that hurt our bodies or do not allow the body to reach its full potential. Practice gradually flows, while implementing the principles of correct practice and awareness of our patterns and difficulties.