Yael Idan

Time Table

A Certified Iyengar yoga instructor for adults and children with a bachelors degree in special education.

Currently studying with top Iyengar yoga teachers in Israel and abroad.

A Master Reiki, treating and teaching courses for Reiki students 1, 2 and 3, as well as a meditation and guided effective imagery method mentor.

“After experiencing different forms of yoga I decided to focus on Iyengar yoga, which allows students to understand the depth and positioning of the organs in every posture in a thorough and gradual way. I understood that these postures are the key in finding a greater understanding of who we are, our strengths and what to improve in order to make a difference within ourselves. The discipline, training and repetitions enable us to become stronger physically and mentally, allowing us to make changes in our lives.”

“Yoga fills me with the energy and gives me the strength to continue on my path by my beliefs, empowering me to find all the answers within me.”