Sivana Kliger

Time Table

Certified as a Yoga teacher By Yael Ziv (Hathta Raga Yoga) and by Eyal Chehanowski (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) – both in Israel.

Before becoming a yoga teacher and dedicate most of her studying and practice to this discipline and philosophy Sivana had many years of experience as a dance teacher, movement and body development. In addition to her yoga certification Sivana also holds pilates teaching certification, deep tissue massage therapist ,alumni of Gestalt-Body Processing

“Yoga for me is a path to walk through in life, it never ends.

I gain through the practice the ability of deep listening and awareness,  precision, clarity, and a constant process of  developing not only the physical aspects of my being, but the most deep mental and spiritual ones as well.

Yoga gives me the constant energy to give to others, and get back, lots of love and mutual learning, day by day”.