Merav Svirsky

Time Table

After several years practice various methods of yoga ( Iyengar , Ashtanga .. ) ,  I got familiarized with Vijnana, quite by chance.

It took me some time to get used to the rhythm , the attention to the small details, and to the deep exploration of the body and movement. With each lesson I found myself falling in love with this method.

After years of working with the body through dance , various kinds of movement, and Pilates, along with practicing meditation, I found a world which combines a deep investigation of the body , mind, and consciousness .

Yoga is a part of my life which continues to develop in parallel to my path as an artist. This combination has provided me great balance and inspiration. Vijnana for me is curiosity, the ability to practice through constant exploration and deepening our inner understanding  of ourselves .

Born 1981, certified teacher for Vijnana yoga trained  by Orit Sen-Gupta