Maya Ginzburg Politis

Time Table
A native New Yorker, Maya’s teaching style is strongly influenced by the dynamic NYC vinyasa style, as well as her two teachers, Bryn and Stacey – the co-owners of Yogamaya. Maya has been practicing yoga since 2002 and received her 200 Hour Teaching Certification from Laughing Lotus in New York in 2008. Her passion and life-long commitment to the yoga journey comes through in her high energy classes, where the movement becomes a meditation.
Some of the most important moments in the practice are the moments of stillness and silence so Maya intentionally moves the class through a dynamic flow, but also takes the time to pause and absorb the energy being created through the asana and breath work.
Maya’s classes are filled with deep intention, creative sequencing, challenging transitions, as well as a focus on alignment. Through her detailed instruction, and themed classes, students are able to open their bodies and minds to connect to a deeper physical and inner awareness. Above all, Maya believes that the practice of yoga happens both on and off the mat, and she welcomes her students to join her in self-exploration, self-discovery and transformation.