Matan Eshkar

Time Table

From a young age I practiced transitions and changes , I grew up and was educated on four continents which stressed the need to adapt to changes and embrace them.

In 1999, during my stay in New York, I was introduced to yoga which has since become an integral and meaningful part of my life .  The practice, for me is the wind which sails my boat to new and exciting places and at other times sometimes difficult , often complex , a place to land , clear your head , release and let go.

I was trained to teach Vinyasa Yoga in New York and Vijnana Yoga Israel. I tasted different methods endless expanses of yoga , dipped in Anusara , Purna and Dharma Mittra Yoga and dove deep into the currents of vinyasa , Ashtanga , Iyengar and currently Vijnana.

Between my teachers you can find Michael Gilbert , Kausthub Desikachar , Pattabhi Jois , Aadil Palkhivala , Rmnnd Fatl , Dharma Mittra , Mickey Gluzman Tzipi Weiner , Noga Ron Barkai and Orit Sen Gupta.

My teaching  combines clear and accessible language ,  accurate and challenging series with flowing movements and images appropriate to the place and moment. My intent is to enable  independent illumination of internal spaces , to feel you inside the cells present and reveal simple and universal principles of common essence of our life .
So you can get to the internal space which is alive and pulsing , such a space , I suppose encourages exploration, curiosity and discovery.
I teach yoga individually and in groups , workshops and seminars in Yoga Levontin and around the world