Ginger Castillo Juarez

14 years ago , I started practicing meditation and pranayama intensely  at a Taoist school of Maestro José Luis Padilla Coral Cancun, Mexico, where I lived for 4 years
In this context, I graduated in traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, chi gong and massage
I specialize in massage energetic, and I became a teacher.
I Taught qi gong, Chinese philosophy and massage.
I have worked as a therapist since.
I started with the asana practice eigth years ago with my teacher Rosa Maria Islands in Cancun.
I kept practicing ashtanga in Israel and here I began studying to train as a teacher of ashtanga yoga at Lotus with Eyal Chehanowski
I have been an assistant in therapeutic yoga classes for Tzipi viner two years.
I used my therapeutic studies in my way of teaching yoga

In my practice and in my classes – the therapeutic aspect of Ashtanga Yoga is my inspiration.