200 hours teacher training

Ashtanga & Vinyasa

Doron Hanoch & Netta Barnea

March – April 2016

The Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher-training program is a life changing, growth and transformational opportunity. When you grow as an individual, learn about yourself, deepen your practice, and become an example for others, you naturally develop into a great teacher and a better person.

The training will give you a practical teaching toolbox. You will learn to employ the appropriate method for different situations and students. You will be given ancient wisdom based on age-old traditions in a practical and non-dogmatic way. The teachings will deepen your yoga practice and give you new insights into life. You will learn to embody and live yoga.

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The training is a personal journey for anyone engaging on a process of personal-enquiry – a time for increasing self awareness and deepening your relationship with your practice whether or not you wish to go on to teach. For those who do wish to teach, the approach recognizes that being able to inspire others with the practice comes from the passion you truly hold for it, the depth of your understanding of it, and your ability to communicate it to your students. This course cultivates these skills to help prepare you to contribute to the yoga community through your teaching and practice.


The curriculum is based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya, particularly from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition, along with elements from Zen Buddhism, Ayurveda and modern-day mind and body practices. Under Doron’s empowering, creative, warm-hearted and authentically-lived teaching, develop yourself into the teacher you want to be, and take a journey of personal growth to understand and shape your place in the world.

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After completing the training you will be eligible for the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher credential at the 200-hour level (RYT-200), or 500-hour level (RYT-500)

Partial Curriculum 

  • The Wisdom of yoga: history and philosophy, ancient wisdom made practical for today.
  • Understanding the different schools of yoga.
  • Sanskrit terms and asana names within the ashtanga vinyasa system.
  • Tristana / The 3 pillars of yoga and applied anatomy.
  • Asanas: modifications, variations, applied anatomy, alignment, health benefits.
  • Play Time: core, arm balances, inversions and lots of fun.
  • The Art of Sequencing: From Your Personal Practice to Teaching a Group.
  • Pranayama: in-depth breath work designed to increase body energy.
  • Shakti Power, the Anatomy of Energy, Koshas, Gunas, Chakras and Nadis
  • Giving Helpful Hands on Adjustments, verbal cues, and compassionate effective assists.
  • Training the mind through meditation. Zen, visualizations, Tibetan Buddhism and Osho.
  • Philosophy made practical: Paths to bliss. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Gita.
  • Energy centers: activation, opening, removing blocks and improving the flow of prana within your body.
  • Ayurveda: East meets west. Ancient wisdom meets current health food trends, understand your body type and how to bring it back to balance.
  • Teaching Tools: Voice, Language, Instructing, Modifying and Demonstrating.
  • Teaching practice: leading a group, holding space and being present.
  • The art of giving options: teaching efficient and safe classes for all levels.
  • Therapeutic yoga: healing injuries, supplements and food.
  • Yoga Ethics. Responsibilities and right action as a teacher.
  • Yoga as a Profession, tips to making a living from yoga.
  • Mentoring: observing, assisting, personal guidance.

What do students say:

Daniela: The course was very professional – I feel like I got practical tools at the instructional level, content, physical and spiritual content. I really felt Netta and Doron saw me both as a person and as a student and they know how to advance my practicing and learning process.

Hadas: The course was amazing, Netta and Doron felt very professional and certainly were there for everything and they really invested and gave from themselves, it was an interesting journey, enlightening, thrilling, busy and full of experiences.

Daniela: The Teacher Training Course was an amazing experience for me – both on a personal level and on the practice level. The course contents were fascinating and exploring them was a profound experience. My practice completely changed. It’s intensive, focused and provides much more. I strongly recommend the course to anyone who feels the need to deepen their practice and bring yoga to other aspects of life.