Payments and cancellation policy

– We receive checks, cash, credit cards (except American Express)
– Prices can change from time to time
– A subscription\tab can be cancelled as long as it was not used and as long as it’s within 14 days for the purchase date.
– We allow payments plan for purchases over  300NIS
– Some of the memberships\tabs\subscriptions are time based
– There will be no cash refund for subscription that has been used
– If less than 3 people arrive to the class the class will not be held
– It is recommended to save your place online prior to the class
– If you save a place and don’t show up a class will be deducted from your tab


– Monthly & quarterly subscriptions can not be ‘freezed’
– ‘Freezing’ a subscriptions will be done ahead of time and not after
– ‘Freezing’ will be for a period of no longer than 1 month in total
– In case your subscription ended and there were class remaining, when buying a new identical or bigger subscription the remaining class will be transferred to the new subscription
– You can always check you status in the online system here


– Changes in the schedule are possible from time to time
– Substitution will be updated whenever possible in the online schedule